Set menu

You’ve come here to see what to expect when you eat at Dine in the Dark, but the trust is that the menu is a surprise. We do not communicate the menu to our customers in anyway. Guests can choose between a traditional fusion Khmer set menu or a vegetarian option.

Both set menu or 5-dish set menu, from amuse bouche to dessert for an amazing sensory experience.

We provide a complete sensorial experience. We will guide you through this new culinary experience in the dark.

We have considered everyone in the course of creating our set menus. We don’t have overly spicy food nor do we try to “trick” you into eating insects or other unusual dishes. Everything is fairly “normal” except for the lack of light.

We have a 5-dish set menu with vegetarian options available.

Drink list

For the drink nothing to hide, and we will propose you to pre-order a first time in our lounge area while we prepare your table.

There you can also enjoy your first drink being comfortably seated.

Booking is highly recommended as our space is limited. We make it easy for you, you can book online. Click on the button next to start the process.

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